Market trend in the use of aluminum signs materials

In our sales practice, many customers ask us, “you don’t have the ability of later-stage fabrication and relevant personnel, and why can you be so confident when you affirm ‘we can do it?’” Here we would like to present the results of our market survey. 

Firstly, although many inland users and companies do not have relevant fabricating and processing ability and need to source finished products from existing icon materials suppliers, this situation won’t last long, because this procedure is far from a mysterious high technology. As long as materials users want, they can shortly catch up with the technological level in Guangdong;     

Secondly, we do not advocate users to purchase finished products from us, but hope they could do it by themselves, as this is the biggest source of heir profits. Market division is becoming more and more subtle and delicate;
Thirdly, if users do not consider having the ability of fabricating and processing, they will soon be kicked out of market, as they would have a difficult time competing with other companies who have such ability in terms of delivery time, project maintenance and prices.   

At last, to support the requirement of users, we have got a schedule here to improve later-stage fabrication ability in the second half of this year. We would employ relevant technicians and soon we will be able to paint and complete silk-screen printing and come up with products that meet the quality requirement of users.