Mega Mills

Background: grand kick-off of international-class Outlet 

Solution: the combination of advanced circulation planning and fashion art
After fierce earl-stage competitions, we defeated a Canadian design company to win the chance of cooperation with Outlet. In early 2011, our design department investigated famous Hong Kong stores and studied the circulation planning in Japan, discussing logo design under the separated building blocks of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Finally we decided to adopt the purchase guidance mood of highlighting basic facilities and supporting by brands, after working closely with TOC. The outer shape is simple but full of details, carrying the ideas of the whole building and meeting the preference of young people; in terms of logo design, we analyzed vehicles flow lines, people flow lines and horizontal and vertical flow lines step by step to identify accurate points and locations. Upon common effort for over a year, we managed to make the extraordinarily charming international-class store more colorful at its opening event.