The main venue for the opening ceremony of the Asian Games - Guangzhou Zhujiang New Square

Background: Guangzhou landmark, the main venue for the 16th Asian Games opening
Flower City Plaza is located in the Pearl River New City, Guangzhou new central axis, is a new landmark in the heart of Guangzhou, is the main venue for the 16th Asian Games opening ceremony, square 250 meters at its widest point, with a total area of about 560,000 square meters, People’s Park is an area of 8-10 times. Surrounding planning has 39 buildings, of which the Children’s Palace, the Grand Theatre, libraries, museums and other eight have been completed.

Solution: meet the Asian Games opening ceremony, rational planning to ease the flow of people, to ensure the smooth opening ceremony
Using eye-catching festive red color, with lighting lighting design, the logo in the evening to ease the flow of people can achieve the purpose of setting the appropriate logo in various transportation nodes, to divert the flow of people entering and leaving quickly and orderly to ensure that the Asian Games opening ceremony orderly conduct.